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The Oculus

by Inevitable End

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Jyri Straechav
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Jyri Straechav I was very surprised by this album. The band has enough intensity to make both Pig Destroyer and Behemoth take a moment and look at the newcomer. On this album Inevitable End combines Grind with frantic Death and with an amazing sense for experimentation. My favorite song "While Surpassing Ether" shows why I love this album brilliantly. Throat Singing, Industrial, awkward dissonant technical riff, and frantic pace all come together under the flag of high pitched tortured screams. Pure genius. Favorite track: While Surpassing Ether.
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Sweden’s INEVITABLE END returns with their new album The Oculus. The Oculus is a significant evolution away from their earlier death metal leanings and towards a more frantic, aggressive and creative form of modern metal. No less intense than their earlier work, the quartet blasts through thirteen high-energy tracks that run the gamut from extremely technical to straight-up crushing. The Oculus is a killer front-to-back album and as intense and super-charged as modern metal gets.


released May 24, 2011

Relapse Records



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Inevitable End Sweden

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Track Name: Tell Us, Parasites
Exploit it, exploit it
Tear it all down and forsake it
These savages are a satanic breed that don't deserve the call of man
Erase 'em, erase 'em all
Light a fire and burn them out
Like the cockroaches they are
Extinction is the only cure
Leaders of the human race we are
Uber-mensch, uber-mensch
White caucasian uber-mensch
Appointed by god as rulers over all
The firstborn breed
Evolution has chosen us
Take these lands by force
Drain rivers and mines for gold
(soil for oil)
Extinct those who lived there before
Captivate them, send them home as slaves
Arbeit macht frei
Ignorance built this world
"Civilization" is build upon suffering
Greed planted a seed
Injustice made it prosper
I drink and bathe in blood from servants
Gathered in cups made from their skulls
New world order is my mission
Order ov mammon
Ruler ov all
Aim for total control
Nothing's allowed to stand in my way
Total fucking domination
Repsorp ti edam ecitsujni
Dees a detnalp deerg
Gnireffus nopu tliub si "noitasilivic"
Dlrow siht tliub ecnarongi
Forintelse och ignorans
Den vite mannens vag
Fordriv de som har ratt till landet
Vi skall bygga stader har
Infora samhallsstrukturer baserat pa ekonomi
Medmanniska finns ej i vart vokabular
Sadant som att ta hand om varandra
Ge den hungrige mat
Ar oupphorligen och forevigt forlagda tankegangar
Utplanade av evolutionens tidevag
En barmhartig samarit har samma roll att spela som neandertalaren
Att do ut
Gravas upp
Stallas ut
Goras till en narr
Track Name: Escaping the Black Hole
Twist my mind
We're on the road to no end
Behavior to keep me so suspected
The void, the void
The hollow place I found myself
Black roses red, a grace from the fountain
The everlasting pressure against my chest
From the inside
My filth
At last I choke!
Finding myself in a moment of bliss,
a shimmering state of my core
Finally able to have some balance on my own
As a contrast
to a past filled with shackles and thorns
I carry a jewel of hope inside
a labyrinth of branches
Built up and safe
Fail, how much I failed before
I realized the state,
the hollow state which I was in
The void, the void
The hollow place I found myself
Black roses red,
a grace from the fountain
Facing my ghosts
I am in a labyrinth of branches
Towards the crown,
climbing upside down
Facing my ghosts
Track Name: Zen
...and truth is found nowhere,
but inside of me
In the deepest well of my being
Closing my eyes
On the path inward
I see transparent
When like silver
The silent witness
When silent speaks I am pure light
Energy of love through the ether
High conscious violet
Track Name: Dogmaties Paralies
From birth indoctrinated
in certain paths of thinking
Define your soul by structures,
confined by preceding teachers
In vultures ways just swallow,
the depraved 'cos we are loyal
Lead like cattle through a maze
Tied in golden chains that where
hold so precious
Across the shoulders a yoke was laid
Intended to carry upon itself
the foundations of western civilization
Thought you where pulling truth ahead
But instead you laid everything to waste
Took gold and offered ashes
Dogmaties Paralies
Sink your mind into the box
Sing and rejoice,
lift your masters to the skies
Dogmaties Paralies
Sink your mind into the box
Sin and rejoice,
left your monsters to disguise
Narrow down your mind
and push yourself towards the cliff
Empowered by greed
and with lustful visions of sin
With ignorance lifted high
The yoke has come to let y'all die
Religion was a bringer of fortune
Embraced, consumed then used
We ate it to self-destruction
Damned to carry this yoke to self-denial
Force-fed upon rules written down
To form a society's escape route from freedom
Nightmares at midnight,
visions of hell
By feeding man with monsters
you were able to control
Made him a slave and raised yourself to the skies
Empowered by greed
and with lustful visions of sin
You took that which was his
and drained the remaining fragments
Track Name: The Supreme Treachery
Such concepts of free will,
it makes me fucking ill
An illegitimate reason to throw people in the fire
The doctrines of limbo stealing freedom
from the masses
Stimulating none, but the self-absorbed ego
Where light is found,
truth has no limits
Evolving constantly above comprehension
Who would have thought,
who would embrace the lie:
That the written could ever sustain this?
Paraphrastie of truth bought forth by force
A great illusion
inside the dual mind is the perception
Where one could go
no one can follow
The lie inside my mind held me captive
Now awakened and aware
what I ate would be my fallacy:
Idolizing the one before us
to be exclusive of ability
Yet, all must walk their path
to reach the gates of the kingdom
The transcendent is reached within
anyone who dares walk the path of love
Track Name: The Oculus
Bear with me
I have yet to find truth
So close
Don't want to leave yet
And having lost my memory
when I return
Undergoing the process of finding the path
as we walk...
Through circles, seeking the freedom
Death to the lie
All are unigenous, each other mirrors
Hand in hand
The light inside be our witness
Dwell with me
I have yet to find you
So close
Will I leave yet?
Give me my memory
If I return
Hail to the love
Above duality
Truth is an enlightened eye
So we can see who we are
And what we're meant to be
Track Name: While Surpassing Ether
Everything swirled when we lifted
The bodies went numb,
entering a dream
Inside deep landscapes
Love absorbs it
Floating in space
Outside gray time
The realms of freedom
Hosts of a million lights
At speed unknown
A wordless planet
All eyes have been on us
since the rise of time
And our souls will shift,
when we are one within
Mirrors in a changing axis
A phase of transformation
Remembering what we always were
While surpassing ether
Track Name: Of The Well
Track Name: Chamber Of Apathy
I tasted it all and spit it out
The blood on my lips, the vomit's child
The hands on my neck
strangling the oxygen
while my steering eyes
freeze an image and I fall backwards into fire
Colliding with glass
splintered into my materia
Lust burns and shadows rise
around that being
Its' actions out of control
when set to demolish
Embodiment of death
feeding the ego-spawn
In the desert night like echos
of hollow breathes its' soul
How long will the taste
of another's fall strengthen it
to continue its' downhill spiral nothingness?
Ain't it obvious that it dries us out
with its' disgust,
imprisoning us with anti-will?
Kneeling to it makes us go apathy
without lust for existence
Does it understand its' own nature
turning us all into parts
of the great machine?
Must be stopped, must be destroyed,
must die, must die, must die!
It's the great black night horror of the world,
a disgrace to our eye,
a commander of death
It shall fail even at the state of attempt
to rule us by the lie
Into the chamber of apathy goes that line
Dismantle at atomic womb
It shall fail even at the state of attempt
to rule us by the lie
Into the chamber of apathy goes that line
But, we shall bow to it no more!
Track Name: Memento
You speak with evil
You speak with hate
You speak for the tyrant that haunts me
You feed on violence inside my brain
The chosen victim,
a dreadful sight of sin
The separation's face
A disproving messenger
Blocking the sun I loved
The shadow world collapses before the eyes
From the inside bleeds truth
Hearts of the world echo my voice
The shining mirrors of the light
Erase the lie destroying my memory
Track Name: Me Tem Psy Cho Sis
Manifests itself in circles
Be it blood, be it birth, be it man,
be it time, be it age, be it dust,
be it death
Existence manifests itself in circles
Round and round it goes
Like a carrousel swinging us all around
Be it blood, be it birth, be it man,
be it time, be it age, be it dust,
be it death...
Take me off the carrousel!
Track Name: Cadaver Inc.
Who signed you the right to take
an innocent life for the benefit of your own flesh?
What did they do to you that you would
chop and kill to fill your own gut
with their fibers?
Playing with their fate as if you were
the ruler of all beings
And the act of vivisection
Taking your sickness out on them
Pushing the limits at the cost of their pain
Playing with their fate as if you were
the ruler of all things
Narrow, neglecting, ignorant specie
Narrow, neglecting, ignorant speciesism
Lest we forget...
Track Name: Of Sublime Dimensions
Closed eye visions of the great sun
Infinite beauty
The light inside our eye found in depths
of the ghost
Transparent worlds of gold
He who pours the water
Where time is nonexistent,
moment be eternity
Universe in revival
When inside the spiral
Breaking the restrained orbit
while seven views the pure aeon
The all creates itself
Every now, excluding nothing
Exhale, inhale
The form of cycles
The sublime moment,
the spheres of light
The Energy
It sustains us
It's all that is
and what we are...