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Tell Us, Parasites

from by Inevitable End

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The lyrics are written with the intent of trying to describe certain parts in the history of the western civilization which we truly are not proud of. Using the vocabulary of those who wrote the history, European explorers and conquerors, and their mindset about the lands they invaded and its inhabitants. An aim to illuminate on how brutal their ways were, both in thought and action, under the pretext of spreading "civilization" to new cultures, negatively so. It would have been better if they tried to learn from these "new" cultures instead of being so eager to oppress them. We would like to make a statement that we are not in any way supporting oppression of any kind. Instead we would like to dedicate this song to all and every victim of oppression in this world.

The use of the phrase "Arbeit Macht Frei" is a metaphor for all the promises made by the oppressing elite and how empty these promises have always been.

Much of the ideas and inspiration behind these lyrics comes from reading the book "The Earth Shall Weep" by James Wilson.


Exploit it, exploit it
Tear it all down and forsake it
These savages are a satanic breed that don't deserve the call of man
Erase 'em, erase 'em all
Light a fire and burn them out
Like the cockroaches they are
Extinction is the only cure
Leaders of the human race we are
Uber-mensch, uber-mensch
White caucasian uber-mensch
Appointed by god as rulers over all
The firstborn breed
Evolution has chosen us
Take these lands by force
Drain rivers and mines for gold
(soil for oil)
Extinct those who lived there before
Captivate them, send them home as slaves
Arbeit macht frei
Ignorance built this world
"Civilization" is build upon suffering
Greed planted a seed
Injustice made it prosper
I drink and bathe in blood from servants
Gathered in cups made from their skulls
New world order is my mission
Order ov mammon
Ruler ov all
Aim for total control
Nothing's allowed to stand in my way
Total fucking domination
Repsorp ti edam ecitsujni
Dees a detnalp deerg
Gnireffus nopu tliub si "noitasilivic"
Dlrow siht tliub ecnarongi
Forintelse och ignorans
Den vite mannens vag
Fordriv de som har ratt till landet
Vi skall bygga stader har
Infora samhallsstrukturer baserat pa ekonomi
Medmanniska finns ej i vart vokabular
Sadant som att ta hand om varandra
Ge den hungrige mat
Ar oupphorligen och forevigt forlagda tankegangar
Utplanade av evolutionens tidevag
En barmhartig samarit har samma roll att spela som neandertalaren
Att do ut
Gravas upp
Stallas ut
Goras till en narr


from The Oculus, released May 24, 2011



all rights reserved


Inevitable End Sweden

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